I met Aarti through a common friend when I was eagerly looking for someone to do my website. She is an amazing brand strategist. She conducts a rigorous analysis and research on an individual’s journey by way of a brand discovery session, which is so intriguing and thought provoking.​

- Riti Kapoor Chopra

Our Craft

Brand Identity + Content Strategy & Creation + UX Web Design + Art Direction + Photography + Marketing Collaterals Design + Social Media Makeover 

As a Trainer, Speaker, and Educator, Riti specializes in Soft skills and Behavioral Skills Training. She conducts short-term and bespoke workshops on career development, motivation, leadership skills, and many more.

The Logo Journey

The Brand personifies Self-Belief, Inner Strength, and Knowledge.

Design Inspiration:

The eagle sitting on the branch doesn’t have a fear of the branch breaking because he believes in his wings more than the strength of the branch.

The Sun is illuminated by the energy of its own light while the moon and earth depends on the sun for its light. The sun is a sign of the inner strength and is the source of power

Clarifying Her Personality Traits

Pairing the right font with the brand’s values and style brought in a method to the madness. The selected colors showcased her personal and professional prowess.

Art Direction & Photography

Capturing the mood, candidness, and spontaneity certainly required a combined effort of Riti and the entire team (Art director, photographer, makeup artist, and supporting team members).

The Web Presence

It would have been an injustice to the brand if the focus would have been just the services. Hence, the strategy included bringing out the real Riti to the virtual world through storytelling and visual imagery.

The Impact Continues

The Other Success Stories

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