Our Strategy

Content Curation, UX Website Design, Strategy, Art Direction Photography, Brand Communication, Social Media Profile Curation, Marketing Collateral Design, Event Branding Creatives.

Having mastered investment management and wealth creation, Founder CA Rakesh Doshi’s next move was to launch KRIIS to help their investors create wealth. With this came the need to strengthen KRIIS’s online presence to reach out to a wider audience and spread financial literacy amidst all strata of the society.

Objectives of the Project

Highlight KRIIS’s transparency, integrity, and trust factors as a start up company

Showcase the founder’s credibility to enhance business influence

Attract more business and establish authority

Decoding, Discovering, Designing

As we decoded the brand elements we worked around them to create the appropriate branding strategy for the company. Accordingly, we curated the content, chose the right typography, and decided on the theme to give KRIIS the exact professional look it needed.

Focus on Concept Photography

Art direction and photography formed an integral part of our branding. We created a strategic mood board to produce a concept-driven photography.

Integrating the Touch Points

It was important to integrate every touch point to maintain the brand consistency. Keeping this in mind, we extended the branding impact through the event invite card, presentation deck, standee, video and other marketing collaterals. It not only created a visual impact but also drove home the right message.

Synchronizing Every Element

Our brand consistency could be seen even in the design and creation of the brochures, diaries, notebooks, social media covers, and corporate gifts, to synchronize the look and feel of every element of the brand.  This created the right impact and professional image that was needed.

The Outcome

Integrity, foresight, leadership, dynamism, financial freedom, and a rational approach define KRIIS. Our branding efforts successfully convened their intent and values.

Our branding helped KRIIS:

Effectively launch themselves with the right positioning

Be more visible and reach out to more people

Build Credibility and Enhance Conversions.

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