CA. Anu Agrawal

Chief Mentor at Anu Agrawal Classes

She had me hooked & she truly was the Show-Stopper

When I met Aarti for the first time at the Shrepreneurs Forum, I found her persona very likeable. She was scheduled to speak on Personal Branding and when she spoke, I for the first time was listening to each and every word.

Although I have attended many such sessions across India and abroad, what she said was not new to me but she had me hooked. What she spoke did make a lot of sense and she did make a difference that evening.

She truly was the Show-Stopper. To sum it up, it left an impact on me and honestly her session was an amazing experience.

Rohit Raul

Founder and Chairman of BOC, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Coach

She is an outstanding speaker & involved

the people till the end

Aarti’s presentation actually threw light on how important personal branding is on a digital platform.

She emphasized how branding differentiates you from others and builds the right perception for you. When it comes to personal branding most people neglect it in India because people haven’t realized its importance. I feel your brand is equal to the value you create and the price you command in the market. This is one aspect that can help you to command your right price.

By listening to Aarti’s presentation I immediately felt I need to get my personal branding done with some professional assistance. It will certainly take me to a different league. It will project my authentic image and highlight who I am.

Aarti is an outstanding speaker with an easy going attitude. Her presentation was in full flow and she engaged and involved the people till the end. She made people think and shared the correct examples. Finally, it was her fantastic smile that won half the battle.

Niraj Mehta

CEO, Being Men

Turns people into good listeners

I believe branding is directly proportional to business demographics. The quality of branding enhances the way you do business. Well, no one can make people understand this better with simplicity, complete elegance, and a powerful impact than Aarti and hence we were keen to invite her for our event as a speaker.

Her presentation at the workshop was absolutely ecstatic, it was sublime, to be honest. Its entire look and feel were magnificent and she projected branding in an exceptionally beautifully manner.

It helped people to take all their drawbacks in a stride and understand how business can work better if done with the help of branding.

Not everyone is a good listener, be it a CEO, an entrepreneur, or even a person from the service sector. But the calmness with which Aarti makes people understand turns people into good listeners.

Anu Malla

President, IMPA Mumbai Chapter, Tedx Speaker Coach & Founder of ‘A Nuovo Image’

Aarti made even the complicated content simple

As a chapter head, I have seen the new image consultants struggle to market and brand themselves. Benaisha Kharas is ‘The’ Image Consultant in the industry who everyone looks up to, and Aarti is the one who created her new brand projection. I’d also heard a lot about Aarti. So I thought she is the right person who can guide us.

Initially, I thought it would be like any other workshop I had attended so many times. But it was literally different and the style of training is something I connected to.

The best part of the session was the storytelling. Aarti made even the complicated content simple with the use of metaphors, storytelling, and the brand success stories. The entire content was very well structured. The audience could relate to her, and she kept them captivated and engaged.

Further, she could send across the message very easily and clearly to the audience.

It was an eye opener that websites are not passé. They are the virtual homes while social media, which we consider to be the fastest click, are third party platforms.

Many consultants feel they are new to the industry and do not have enough content to start a website. But Aarti showed them a new perspective. She gave them an idea how to at least start branding their work and finally start their website.

Aarti is a great orator with excellent delivery skills. She has a very pleasant and approachable attitude. This makes her audience comfortable, and they do not have to think twice before asking her a question.

Karandeep Bhasin

Former Flight Attendant, Personal Development Coach

Not only lived up to my expectations, she surpassed it

I was at Croma in the midst of purchasing a laptop when I came across a message that popped up in one of my Whatsapp groups. It was about Aarti’s workshop. I immediately paused what I was doing and checked Aarti’s profile online and even checked her website. The workshop topic was very interesting and I didn’t want to miss out on a seat. That’s it. I made my decision to attend it, signed up immediately and after that continued by shopping at Croma.

At the workshop, she not only lived up to my expectations, in fact she surpassed it. I now have a clear vision about how to go about my business. Aarti presented all the facts and ideas exceptionally well with a lot of clarity.

As a speaker, Aarti is absolutely inspiring. The energy and vibe you get from her is extremely positive. In fact, she completely nailed it with her branding expertise. She made me realise how branding can take your business to newer heights and speak volumes about you and your company.

17 Sushant Raorane

Sushant Raorane

Director, Adroit Biomed Ltd.

A charismatic speaker who can create

a long lasting impression

The way Aarti delivered the presentation and expressed the content clearly exuded her intensity and energy. It was an overall good experience with Aarti sharing interesting examples and analogies. She is a charismatic speaker who can create a long lasting impression. After a session of 10-15 minutes with Aarti you are sure to leave the room with her aura. In branding ones aura and energy are the two most important considerations, which differentiates you from the general public. And Aarti has the charisma of creating both around her. Looking forward to attend a more in-depth session from Aarti in the near future.

Shumi Shetty

Speaker on Mindset & Motivation

Use of stories & metaphors made the session

extremely interesting

As a Motivational Speaker I knew a brand was important but was not sure how to go about it.

Aarti's presentation made me realise exactly why we need to brand and what makes a brand unforgettable. It was amazing to know how a brand creates an excitement even before someone has met you.

Aarti’s use of stories, examples, and metaphors made the session extremely interesting.

Her unique concept on CEO branding made me realize that branding is not only for celebrities but for everyone who has a story. After all, your brand story can be an inspiration and a ray of hope to many.

The session meant to be an education in branding turned out to be quite entertaining without losing its essence. So there I call it an ‘edutainment workshop’!

Looking forward to more such sessions by the ever lively badaas Aarti!

Binda Kanayalkar

Founder, WaW-Wellness at Work

Aarti’s Passion was so Evident

Thank you very much Aarti for a very insightful session, you actually gave us individual attention and shared the importance of Personal Branding, the FAST TOT concept and the various tips you gave for increasing visibility and targeting right audience.

Will definitely work on it and thanks to Rekhaji and this group for bringing this session to us.

Aarti’s passion to explain the topic was so evident.

Anuj Jaisinghani

CEO – Gurshabad

I felt privileged to be a part of Aarti’s session

I felt privileged to be a part of Aarti’s session. What I liked best about it was that she brings out the ‘you’ in us! Every brand she designs tells a story. And eventually, it’s one’s personality that gets reflected.

Thanks to Aarti for the wonderful session.

Janet Mascarenhas

God bless her tons and tons for transforming people’s lives

I attended one of Aarti’s branding sessions and I am so glad I did it. It gave me such a boost to actually start thinking and ideating on how I want to brand myself. I was hesitant even to contemplate about it.

I feel empowered enough to begin will it hopefully in the near future. I will surely go to Aarti to create the oomph in my branding. God bless her tons and tons for transforming people's lives.

I want to add that I speak from the heart and never shy away from being grateful and Aarti deserves the praise.

Naresh Shivani

Deputy HR – Ambuja Cements

I discovered many eye-opening points

I'm really thankful to Aarti for giving such important tips on personal branding to level up one’s image and market self. I will certainly take her help in this.

In her session today, I discovered many eye-opening points. What I really liked about the session was that with simple words, examples, and stories Aarti highlighted the importance of personal branding in a short span of time.

Pramod Gaikwad

Co-Founder, Ice Global

Kudos to you for doing such a splendid job

Hi Aarti, Thank you for the session today. It was excellent. Your preparation for the session was apparent from the way you conducted it. Kudos to you for doing such a splendid job.

Thank you once again for your intent, effort, and success.

Sushma Gaikwad

Co-Founder, Ice Global

One of the best sessions that we have hosted

I take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort you have taken to make the workshop today a super success. You have motivated us and provided all of us an access to improve our personal influence with simple tools which I am sure we will all utilize. This session has been one of the best that we have hosted for the Ice global team. Your facilitation was seamless, insightful and was appreciated by everyone.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Bhakti Sharma

Co-Founder, Enliten IT India

Excellent content with delivery!

Aarti is confident, friendly and piques everyone’s interest by her style of delivery. I like the most about her session is her energy, vibe, and enthusiasm with outstanding content and delivery.

I love the warmth she emulates while giving the presentations, her examples are very beautiful and touch the audience.

Tushar Gawali

Atmosphere of the room transforms into a happy environment

I love the way Aarti speaks and smiles. The way she presents herself in the workshop is amazing. We are hooked.

Excellent Workshop experience and great communication style. Loved her presentation and positive approach. The atmosphere of the room transforms into a happy, positive, and energetic environment

Raksha Bhatti

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach,
and Healer

She does a perfect task to showcase the best in a person

I always believe in moving ahead from the state you are in and you need clarity for that or else you have to stand still. Aarti Narang does a perfect task to intentionally showcase the best in a person. Through personal branding, she clearly highlights one’s image, career, and overall life.

I am sure anyone who has taken Aarti’s help professionally would second me. She is doing an amazing job.

Ashwini Kulkarni

Now, I have the clarity towards my goals

Hi Aarti, firstly a BIG THANK YOU for today's lovely session. It was so nice and very informative for me. It was an awesome experience altogether and it will help me to improve myself and also now I have the clarity towards my goals. And it helped me to understand what I have to do, to achieve those targets.

Thank you once again from bottom of my heart for showing me the path and giving me the direction to reach out there. And you know what you were so good. So Awesome! Keep Rocking!

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