We Intelligently Heart Craft Your Brand Story

Through Creative BrandingVisual Imagery, And Focused Messaging, We Help You Project A Powerful You.

Our Process Design


Inquisiting. Ideating. Inventing.

Discovering The WHY + Refining Customer’s WIFM + Understanding Perceptions & Projections + Creating Authenticity in Action


Imprinting Brand. Being Distinctive.

Logo + Color Psychology + Typefaces + Positioning Statement +Tagline + Brand Storytelling + Imagery + Graphic Elements


Integrating Touchpoints.

Content Curation + Websites + Brochures + One-Pager Profiles + Resume Creation + Book Cover Designs + Pitch Deck + Videos + Social Media Profiles & Creatives

We write your brand story

Our Work


Our work defines us. We believe in branding your style with personalization, showcasing your brand with authenticity and superseding your expectations.


Designed with a branding edge, we make them stand out. The Result is a Perfect online and offline match of the brand personality.

Brands carefully crafted with love say…

Asia’s Best and Only Personal Branding Design Agency

Aarti is a warm, affectionate, and a very sincere perfectionist. Her team is as dedicated and works passionately on her creative orders, suggestions, and ideas flow perfectly and she is always looking to take another opinion or feedback. Brand My Style is not a website or a portal company, so please don't compare their style and pricing with anyone else. They are Asia's Best and Only Personal Branding Design Agency, Aarti has studied this form and attended several courses abroad.

Dr. Vivek G Mendonsa
Group Marketing Director, Marketing – Lynx, Lawrence & Mayo

Their creative concepts are original, detailed, and well-researched

Aarti took the time to understand my needs and designed a custom solution rather than hard-sell a standard package. She was so passionate about the project that I felt it was as important for her as it was for me. She acted like a creative partner rather than like a service provider. She shared her creative & market expertise, pushing back when required, in a gentle and polite way.

Saloni Gupta
International Executive Coach, Italy

I appreciate her commitment to understand the client and their values in depth

I love the way she brainstorms and ensures that the outcome matches the personality of the person, their thoughts and motto. Be it logo creation, photo shoot , designing, she brings out the uniqueness very well. She is very good with articulation and delivery. No leader is great without an amazing team backing them. Appreciate the effort and thought that her team brings to the table.

Radhika Balakrishnan
C-Suite Coach

Their way of work is unique and absolutely professional

I had previously met a number of brand strategists and website designers but I was looking for a certain acumen in our potential digital partner. After meeting Aarti, we were sure that we found our digital partner. The way she showed us the 'big picture' and narrated our 'brand storyline', me and my other partners of CorpelServe were quite impressed. She, along with her team then worked on to build a 'worldclass' website. Her inputs and understanding of the client's business journey was unparalleled and therefore it helped us in a variety of areas while building the digital presence of our brand. Big Thumbs to Aarti!!

Rohan Moktali
India HR, Market Entry & Culture Expert

Experienced people should never miss branding themselves

In today’s times, people easily judge you from what you show about yourself on various social media platforms and Brand My Style did a great job on the right projection for me on LinkedIn as well as my Personal Profile on www.NitinMunot.com. It has created a huge difference as I’m connecting with many new CEOs and directors of companies who obviously check my profile before connecting with me. People who have seen my one pager profile, social media bios and website are all in praise about it.

Nitin Munot
MD of Technocrats Security Services

Thank you dear Aarti for you and your team for the heart work you put in

Aarti is well-versed in her area of brand strategy. She understands the vocabulary and ethos of the healing work and the space of energetic vibrations. And when she brings this understanding and expertise to the techniques of brand image building, it's a great outcome. The whole process of rebuilding my website was systematic, structured and seamless. Compliments for the whole layout and impression it has created is great to receive. And now social media presence is being created with the same verve and clarity.

Preeta Pradhan
Life Coach | Personal Growth | Emotional Resilience & Wellness | Self-Care | Energy Wisdom

I recommend her if you are truly serious about branding yourself

Brand My Style designed my website. And since then I have been referring them to all who have asked me who made my website. Aarti puts in her expertise when she designs the website. She invests so much of time to understand the client persona and the objective. She is not a website designer, she is a brand strategist. She guides on how we can brand ourselves. I loved every moment of my discussions with her. She made my website an extension of who I am.

Pritha Dubey
International Sales Trainer | Gender & Diversity Advisor

She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of branding

Aarti is an expert at branding. She understands bearing overall and CEO and personal branding process and demonstrates the many ways in which this affects the company in financial terms such as performance, profit, and stock returns as well as non-financial terms like reputation, trust, and firm strategy. She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of branding. She crafts her design and strategy around the attributes of each client, that enhances the value for them. Her expertise at her craft is considerable, she devices efficient solutions. I highly recommend her.

Bhavna Shah
Regional Head MPOC India

Results when you Brand your Style

By pointing out your expertise, demonstrating your authority, and revealing your brilliance; we project your credibility.

With a remarkable brand story, tangible brand promise, and authentic brand voice; we help you fascinate with conviction.

Communicate by giving your audience reasons to believe in your product/service with fact-based proof points and genuine storytelling.

By distilling your target customer, creating a unique impression, and commanding authority; you elevate your business positioning.

By improving the way you are perceived, presenting your exceptional and extraordinary results; you command your price.

Engaging your audience with something unique, unusual, extra-ordinary, authentic, and special; you build a fanatical fan following.

Do a Brand Audit. Get to know where your Brand stands.

Here’s my gift to you. Apply these 5 strategies to know where your brand stands today. Use the ideas and techniques provided to make your brand truly memorable. Read More About Brand Audit >

    To Be Distinctive and Radiate your Brilliance

    How does a successful brand begin its journey?

    With Perception!
    The right perception will invoke, inspire, and influence.
    Branding is more than just visuals and graphics.
    It is what the prospective customer FEELS when they …
    See your business card…
    Check your website…
    Spot your logo…
    Read about you…
    Connect with you…
    Do business…
    Finally, recommend you.

    In competing with the best, it is imperative for brands to Be Distinctive and Radiate Brilliance. Your exceptional story is creatively conveyed with conviction, clarity, and charisma.

    Authentic and strategic styling makes you unique, pushing the competition away from your Spotlight. When you are more appealing to you target audience, you attract more business, results, and success.

    If you run a business or you’re responsible for marketing or sales – consider the impact of a truly distinctive and authentically projected brand can have in attracting clients.

    I’m passionate about developing distinctive and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make you shine by delicately branding your style, your uniqueness, your strengths, and represent a strong brand YOU.

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