Dr. Vivek G Mendonsa

Group Marketing Director, Marketing – Lynx, Lawrence & Mayo

Asia’s Best and Only Personal Branding Design Agency

What does a loving and caring husband give his wife on their 25th Wedding Anniversary, one more diamond set or eternity ring - both given. I was searching to put all of Dr. SUHANI'S CONTENT IN ONE PLACE. I hit on an idea of a website dedicated to her creative life, public life, NGO, etc.

We found Brand My Style, Aarti Narang to do it. We painstakingly had 6 plus sessions on content and finally, it was a Peep moment.A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN PLACE.

Aarti is a warm, affectionate, and a very sincere perfectionist. Her team is as dedicated and works passionately on her creative orders, suggestions, and ideas flow perfectly and she is always looking to take another opinion or feedback.

Brand My Style is not a website or a portal company, so please don't compare their style and pricing with anyone else. They are Asia's Best and Only Personal Branding Design Agency, Aarti has studied this form and attended several courses abroad.

Leaving a legacy for future generations, from small anecdotes to morphing of a human caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is what Aarti and her team will create for You & Your family. Your Business will look up because now, you carry yourself with pose that your competitors can't aspire to do.

Go ahead, indulge yourself as an Entrepreneur or CEO, this is One Branding exercise that will last several decades ahead.

Our utmost Best Wishes, With Best & Purest Intention.

Saloni Gupta

International Executive Coach, Italy

Their creative concepts are original, detailed, and well-researched

I selected Brand My Style after speaking with several vendors internationally. They stood apart from the beginning, with their polished work portfolio and personalized approach.

Aarti took the time to understand my needs and designed a custom solution rather than hard-sell a standard package. She was so passionate about the project that I felt it was as important for her as it was for me. She acted like a creative partner rather than like a service provider. She shared her creative & market expertise, pushing back when required, in a gentle and polite way.

I value thought partnership in people I collaborate with and, I found it with Brand My Style. I had a lot of detailed content which they helped in simplifying, packaging and presenting it in an easily understandable & attractive way. The team at Brand My Style puts their heart and soul into their work. Their creative concepts are original, detailed, and well-researched.

Our collaboration was 100% virtual and the team delivered the entire project smoothly. I highly recommend Brand My Style to anyone looking for a top-class brand strategy and website design.

Dr. Rekha Chaudhari

Global Wellness Ambassador, Social & Serial Entrepreneur, Leader in Rural Skill Development    www.RekhaChaudhari.com

CEO Branding has completely changed the game for me

The branding has not only made a difference in the business level but it has also made the personality behind the brand stronger. It has managed to showcase who and what I am.

It is often difficult to speak about yourself over the mail or phone. We often have limited words to talk about ourselves. Though many people had heard about me and my background or read certain articles about me but that was just limited to one aspect of me. But now they get a complete picture of me through the book and the website. CEO Branding has completely changed the game for me. It has changed the entire face of my profile. All that I wanted was in my mind but Aarti gave shape to it and created an inexplicable impact.

Aarti is not just the creative director or the content writer but she is an entire package. I told her my life stories, which she and her team converted it into an inspiring narrative with the right tone and words. It feels amazing to go through the entire website as it is like walking through my own journey. Everyone, including my daughters, was been wowed by the outcome of the branding.

I believe every CEO and business owner must do their CEO branding and bring their story before the world. It was, indeed, a challenge for Aarti to collect information from me owing to the limited time and limited access. But she, finally, managed to complete the project on time, in the in right manner, and with the right effect. It was value for money rather it was more than that. We waste a lot of money on incompetent branding and I feel this is the right kind of branding one should go through.

I would finally say I love Aarti and her work. I would ask everyone to share more time with her to explain themselves so that she can extract a beautiful story out of your life to present it on the right platform.

Sabbas Joseph

Co Founder, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and Director, Global Wedding Academy by

Captured the essence of our vocation

Brand My Style captured the essence of our vocation in the strategy and implementation of the visual identity of Global Wedding Academy.

I commend the team at Brand My Style for their relentless pursuit of excellence in design and service.

CA Rakesh & Funali Doshi

Fund Manager / Director, KRIIS

Made us aware of the correct way to project our brand

We approached Brand My Style for website design but we got something beyond that. Aarti gave us the right direction, strategy, and guidance in branding and every aspect. She showed us the right vision and made us aware of the correct way to project ourselves.

When I saw other websites made by Brand My Style, I felt they will do a perfect job of personal, as well as, company branding for us. As this kind of a combined approach was a new concept and we had not seen it elsewhere.

The Brand Discovery session was excellent where we felt we rediscovered ourselves and our brand. Aarti first left a mark with the video she sent. It made a great difference. At times you are not aware of what you want to communicate or express. In the brand discovery session, Aarti made us realize who we are and what we wanted to communicate.

The entire process was perfect and had a disciplined approach adhering to timelines. I was impressed by this and that’s the reason I am getting into another project with Brand My Style. We are into finance and always understand the time value of money.

The art direction and conceptualization made a whole lot of difference and was an essential part of the entire process. The photoshoot was something we thoroughly enjoyed. We felt it was value for money. Rather than buying from stock images, what we had in our office was displayed virtually. This was a novel concept because very often companies use stock images. So now there is transparency – what you see online is what you find when you meet us.

I also appreciate Aarti’s patience when there were a few delays at our end. The best part is, in spite of the delays from our side, our project was done within the proposed deadline. I cannot recall a single incident in the past two and a half months when we raised some query and it was not answered. Everything was answered within the spur-of-the-moment.

From the smallest matters like the coaching for our presentation or corporate gifting ideation to everything important, Aarti helped us with her ideas and skillful management of the work with her team.

Hats off to Aarti. I wish she continues working like this. The sky is the limit for Brand My Style.

Agnelorajesh Athaide

Chairman, St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures

Highly recommend their strategies and methodologies

We live in a social media world with a powerful social media presence. But being on Facebook and Instagram is not enough. It matters how you carry yourself as an individual personality. Be it your visiting card, letterhead or how you present your profile on social media, everything together builds your image.

Interestingly, I came across Aarti Narang, a brand expert who can create your brand and project your personality not just accurately but in a much more presentable way. We connected almost four months back, and now I am happy to share that my personal website Agnelorajesh.com is ready - completely built by Aarti Narang and her team.

Starting from the photography, the imaging, language used, the script, the layout, the touchpoints to the presentation of the collection of videos I had is outstanding. I could never have come up with it on my own.

Many people have great content. But they don’t know how to present it to the world. That is what Aarti specializes in!

As per her recommendation, I have changed my visiting card, my personal website and all my profiles on social media. And it has made a whole world of difference to me! A lot of people have complimented me, many new people have connected and various business opportunities have come up. When people google me they love reading the information about me and my company and the way it has been presented.

Life is all about presentation but we can’t always do it on our own. We need to depend on extraordinary professionals and passionpreneurs like Aarti Narang. She has done magic to me and my company. I’m sure she can do magic to many others.

I highly recommend the strategies, policies and methodologies that Aarti Narang uses to change the way you present yourself to the world.

Nitin Munot

MD of Technocrats Security Services

Experienced people should never miss branding themselves

Having being in business for so many years, I’ve realized though people know me, I have never expressed myself completely, as in ‘Who really I am’. The CEO Branding done by Brand My Style filled in that gap.

In today’s times, people easily judge you from what you show about yourself on various social media platforms and Brand My Style did a great job on the right projection for me on LinkedIn as well as my Personal Profile on www.NitinMunot.com. It has created a huge difference as I’m connecting with many new CEOs and directors of companies who obviously check my profile before connecting with me. People who have seen my one pager profile, social media bios and website are all in praise about it.

To date, I shared my life story only with a few people who are close to me. But now every person has access to it. Many people never knew the hardships and struggles I’ve faced in life and how I carved my way to where I am today. They presume that I am like the way they see me now. But reading my story on my website has changed the way they look at me.

I believe experienced people, working for almost 20 years should never miss branding themselves and there’s none better than Aarti at this work. I truly appreciate the personal touch she brings to her work. She is involved in every aspect highlighting us in a credible light.

Dipti Muni

E.A. to Mr. Nitin Munot

The result was simply grandeur – it was jaw-dropping

Like everything else, when for the first time you get a website especially individual branding done, you do have concerns like it’s very personal, how the life would be portrayed, would it be justified, what should we project, and more. Sharing of the information is also very important as to what would be shared and portrayed.

Initially, a lot of thoughts were preoccupying my mind. Being the executive assistant to Mr. Munot, there were a lot of fears too. But at last it all vanished and the result was simply grandeur – it was jaw-dropping.

As a result of working with Aarti and Brand My Style, I feel like creating my personal website. On a serious note, we all have something in us but we are tied up by routine and monotony of life. But if you have the drive, focus, and an urge to stand out and share something with people you should go for branding

Even if you are a housewife, going to a kitty party but want to be different from your friends, I feel you must have a brand website. It speaks a person’s story. So it is, definitely, for everyone and anyone.

As for Aarti, she is an amazing person and a darling to work with. Aarti Narang and Brand My Style has done an awesome job, and I can rate more than 100 percent to them.

Smitaa Nair

360° Success Coach

Helped me to step up my business to the next level

Brand My Style and Aarti’s contribution has helped me to step up my business to the next level and redefine my marketing strategies. I and my team have gained immense confidence to approach people and display my work through the website, which oozes quality through it's visual appearance.

Aarti understands the training industry thoroughly, which is a different market altogether. Besides, she is someone I could connect to and trust - someone who could project my words and thoughts in the right manner. She values people as I do and I realized she was the one who could add a human touch to my website.

The way she thoughtfully portrayed my life and projected my workshops through the website shows the interest she takes in her clients and how she delves deep to understand them. She goes to the soul of it. And her efforts are clearly visible.

She is ready to redo things proactively if need be. She has the expertise required to create the kind of website that best suits her clients. Be it the flow, the language or the visual appeal, she does justice to all.

She is always willing to listen and knows to use the right words to convey her clients’ message. I recommend her as she has the ability to understand your psychology, get to the depth of your requirement and present you and your business the way it is supposed to be.

Benaisha Kharas

Image Enhancer, TEDx Speaker, Fashion Style Expert

Got an International Online Presence

Aarti Narang is someone who walks in her clients’ shoes and thinks of the best way to put the right foot forward for them. The reason I chose to work with Aarti was she came through the recommendation of Sushma Gaikwad whose word I completely trust. Also, when I met Aarti for the first time, intuitively I felt she was the right one. It was easy sharing and expressing myself with her. She is also very approachable and works with a single focus and that is her client’s best interest.

I loved the conceptualization of my website and the content done for me. Her flair for writing and words chosen to describe the various concepts has projected and showcased so much depth and substance for me.

The biggest benefit I received from her work was an international online presence. Because I chose to brand my style, I have more clarity on how to project my image to people across the world, the ones who I haven’t even met yet. Now, with the whole new look and feel, it made me think a lot about my next level up. I have raised my own bar and want to work and deliver better.

I would certainly want to recommend Brand My Style and I feel Aarti connects with the vision that the client has envisioned for themselves and that is what creates the Magic.

Brig Sushil Bhasin

Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Today’s times needs you to Stand Out and Be Different

Aarti Narang is an epitome of professionalism, creativity and results. She has a unique style of branding your style like no one does. Her uniqueness lies in the deep sense of involvement, strong methods and processes with a focused approach.

She is also blessed with a habit of over committing and over performing. I highly recommend her to those who love themselves and value quality. You can trust her 100% for the results which will surely exceed your expectations.

I initially thought someone who has seen me deliver sessions or knows me well would be the right person to write about me. But Aarti proved me wrong. She created remarkable and apt content for my website and perfectly decoded my brand personality.

Her ability to probe and get to the depth of my brand promise gave me clarity and right projection. The brand discovery session was the highlight of my engagement. This is a must do session for all aspiring to make it big.

Brand My Style gave me a credible online presence, a mini autobiography through the timeline which showcased my life’s journey and achievements. I also got rave reviews from my industry experts and my clients.

I certainly endorse Brand My Style, because just developing a website is passé, today's times require you to stand out and be different and that’s what Brand My Style does.

Pracchi Mehta Shah

Live Presenter, Brand Ambassador, Image Lifestyle Coach

She is interested in people’s growth and creating a meaning out of your brand.

Aarti Narang brought in a lot of authenticity, credibility, and trust to my brand. She precisely understood me and aligned my values and beliefs to my online persona.

I believe branding is like putting your real self before the audience. It’s all about storytelling. And out of my brand, Aarti created a wonderful story. In fact, she found a story behind everything I did. She defined my website and gave it a structure, created my business cards, and much more.

Having Aarti as a brand stylist has given me an edge almost like having a badge for my work. Now that I have a website, people can check out about me anytime they want. That has been possible because of Brand My Style.

She is like a fashion designer who can make a dress aesthetically for you and also make sure you are happy and comfortable with it. And that’s what I am after the completion of my website - happy and satisfied. The collaboration with Brand My Style was very enriching as I myself learnt a lot. I was made to do a lot of soul searching in order to project myself on paper and on the website.

Aarti is meticulous, particular about timing, organized, structured, emotive, and gets completely involved in every project. She is interested in people’s growth and creating a meaning out of your brand. For her, it’s not about simply branding mechanically. She puts in a lot of thought in creating each part of the website.

Personally, I found a true friend in her although we did have our difference of opinions throughout the branding process. A genuine and honest person, she sticks to her commitments.

If you want someone to genuinely brand you or your company, Aarti is the best person because she will invest a lot on you. She will invest in understanding the person you are, which is the key to branding.

Richa Maheshwari

Motivational Speaker, Performance Trainer & Life Coach

Aarti really goes out of her way to deliver the best.

I have done my branding and website styling from Aarti Narang. She was recommended by a couple of colleagues from the corporate world who spoke highly about her. When I got in touch with Aarti, I found her to be an exceptional person always wanting to help the client, even going beyond the need of the hour.

That is a highly commendable quality about a person when one goes beyond the call of one’s duty. She is extremely passionate about her work and that is what touched me. Not many people are so passionate about their work.

The brand discovery session with Aarti was a real eye opener for me. I absolutely recommend Aarti, to anyone wanting to get their website branded and styled or redeveloped. Aarti is ‘the person’ for you.

Aarti really goes out of her way to deliver the best and only the best to her clients! She is very meticulous with her work, and ensures that one receives super quality work with respect to their branding and website enhancement. It was a real pleasure working with Aarti and her team who are always there whenever you need them. Great work Aarti and Team! Thanks for the amazing work done for my Personal Branding.

Sushma Gaikwad

Co Founder, Ice-Global and Director, Global Wedding Academy by
WIZCRAFT MIME www.GlobalWeddingAcademy.com

Captured the Heart of my Business!

Aarti comes with a robust experience. She has worked with a variety of brands across different fields. Has the ability to understand market requirements and the WIFM factor.

The biggest benefit I received because of her services was my branding project got done with speed. She captured the heart of the business through her effective probing questions and enabled us to get a bird’s eye view of our business. She handheld us with the vision of our company branding. To handhold, somebody’s vision is a highly credible capability.

Extremely dedicated to the project, she ensured all deadlines are met. As Entrepreneurs, we are so busy working for clients, I come from a branding background and did not have the time to work on my own company branding. She got us working in speed with a lot of love and patience. Her ability to finishing the projects in a very beautiful, non-pushy, but easy, calm, and concise way is one her strong attributes. Has a great sense of applicability of concepts and deep understanding of media and its application.

Another unique attribute is her malleability to work across industries.  She has a deep desire to make an authentic difference. And no point we felt she was an external consultant but a part of the ICE GLOBAL team and a good friend for life.

I highly recommend her for her capability of personalization she brings. There are many entrepreneurs, startups, as well as mid businesses like us, who will benefit immensely from BRAND MY STYLE.

Falguni Shrimanker

Founder and Director of Ikonic Persona Image Consultancy

We had everything sorted on the phone

It was so easy to start off with Aarti that we didn’t even need to meet personally. Aarti is a soft-spoken person with the right attitude. We had everything sorted just on the phone. I am happy with my website! Thank you, Aarti!

Rhema Joseph

Arts Student at St. Xaviers College and Ex-Intern at Brand My Style

Her passion & dedication towards every project inspired me

I was scrolling through the various options for Internship when the feel of this company coaxed me into giving it a shot.

Being my first internship I didn’t know what to expect. However, working with Brand My Style helped me learn a lot of things - right from sharpening my social media skills to building my creative writing ability.

Aarti’s passion and dedication towards every project she took up inspired me to give in my best and learn in the process. She is easy-going, encouraging and taught me the processes involved in writing and branding.

The task that seemed tough initially grew easier under Aarti’s guidance. I learned time management and personally grew bolder and confident.

I would definitely recommend other interns and interested people to work with Brand My Style since it was an enriching experience for me - full of fun and learning.

Nilesh Chavan

Managing Director

Passion, Commitment and Dedication best defines her

“She is prompt on the deliverables and keeps her commitments. Most importantly, she quickly understood the business model for my company Arhan Power Pvt Ltd and molded the entire branding to be in sync with my business needs. The Arhan branding has been appreciated by many of our stakeholders. Passion, commitment, and dedication best define her”.

As soon as, Aarti was told about the company name and its meaning, she got on to designing the logo. The logo shaped up incredibly beautiful. Her support to ARHAN was incredibly strong; one major incident I recollect was when we thought of launching ARHAN in World Electricals Buyers Summit SWITCH @ Vadodara.

We weren’t ready with any stall design, displays, etc. I called her just 2 days before the inauguration of the exhibition. Her team quickly responded by designing a wall display which gave an excellent look to the entire stall.

I wish her all the very best in growing her business. May she create new benchmarks with Brand My Style.

Neha Arora Seth


Never compromises on Creativity

When I met Aarti for the first time, she quizzed us with such meaningful questions that it led me into thinking, “Wow! What she speaks has so much gravitas and depth! She makes so much sense”.

To understand our brand her questions were thoroughly appropriate. As she spoke to us further she could truly bring out our passion for our work.

I love her ‘can do’ attitude. She never says ‘no’ and finds a creative solution to every problem. She gets the work done with joy and speed. At the same time, she maintains a result-oriented approach and never compromises on creativity.

Dr.Mufassil Dingankar

The Wellness Evangelist

A Team that gives priority to Customer Satisfaction

What I got was an identity in the digital world, I have been able to communicate the right message to my audience, and it has laid a positive emphasis on my image.

I approached Brand My Style with certain objectives but it is not always easy to express them precisely in words. But Aarti accurately understood my requirements and, thus, bridged the communication gap. She is almost like us doctors. She leads the discussion by finding out what a person wants. I know what I am but communicating it correctly to the world is not easy. Aarti brought that out with clarity with the right content, the video inputs, and transforming my views on a digital platform.

The Brand Discovery Session was the ‘wow’ part in the entire process for me.It is quite innovatively and creatively designed to bring out your inner thoughts, even those at times you are not aware of. This session was a big catalyst for me as it involved my passion for my work and what I exactly want to do. Brand My Style and the team exceeded my expectations. She has an amazing team who makes you comfortable, be it Shubham, or Jasmeet or Punam. They are very patient and accommodating. They give priority to customer satisfaction, they are always there to answer your queries, very cooperative and understand client’s needs. That’s what makes me look forward to work with her in the future.

Brand My Style is creative as it converts their client’s thoughts into reality. It is technically sound company with a command over content, language, colour combination, presentation, picture selection while adapting to the client’s ideas too. Aarti is the soul of Brand My Style. Her pleasant personality, cheerfulness, and her warm smile works wonders. I wish her all the best to keep up the good work and excel in her field.

Kanika Sharma

Founder of Smart Tots
Work Done: Content Curation

Received the right content that communicated my thoughts

I liked Aarti Narang’s presentation on Personal Branding at the Entrepreneur Event and I was keen to brand my company too.

After a bad experience with another company earlier, this time I was well-informed and for the up-gradation of my website I wanted quality content. From Brand My Style I received the right content that worked for me and communicated my thoughts and messages aptly.

I found her work and interactions very well coordinated and systematic, which saved a lot of my time. She shares her inputs, as well as listens to and understands the customer's insights. Aarti is passionate about what she does and is truly good at it.

Payal Irani

Founder of Bloom – Centre for Excellence in Education, Training, Development and Research

Trust and give them the freedom just like I did.

I chose to work with Brand My Style because I loved their website and I felt a “soul-connect” with Aarti. Intuitively, I felt Brand My Style will bring out “Bloom” to Bloom. The result of working with them was extraordinary and it was 100 times beyond my expectations. Their contribution to Bloom is ‘Priceless’. The value addition that I liked the most was the concept of Bloom in different languages, the colors, and the active illustrations. All these are very close to my heart.

The moment anyone looks at my website, they ask me who has done this. I tell them that Aarti and her team’s work is the best and they work meticulously with a lot of love for the projects. You have to trust and give them the freedom just like I did. She comes out with much better results than what the client has in mind.

Brand My Style’s way of approaching the process as well as convincing the client is very pure. It is not intentional though; Aarti has an inherent God-gifted quality that allows her to win over the clients in a very pure, genuine, and honest manner.

Mehernosh Randeria

Converts your essence into your presence!

Working with Aarti has certainly brought about a mind-set shift. Though I am a one-man army, I feel I am backed by a strong digital presence. Further, now I have a stronger online reputation, which exudes more credibility when people search for me online.

As a result of working with Aarti, I found for myself a very strong brand identity that is consistent to who I am. Also, with the current branding, it puts my brand at par with international brands.I was expecting certain aspects of branding from Aarti, but the way the entire process took place, it was beyond my expectations. I can see it in terms of the output that has been delivered and the kind of value she has added.

The reason why I wanted Brand My Style to create my online identity was I had liked their work and also got positive recommendations from those who have already worked with Aarti Narang, which finally led me to hire her.

I was looking forward to branding myself because in the last 5 years of work I have created a certain position for myself. To strengthen it I needed some good branding, else I would remain the world’s best-kept secret, the W3 coach. It was time to reveal the secret to the world. It was time to present myself before the world in the right way.Aarti took a lot of time and put in a great deal of effort to do a detailed study of what exactly is my vision, what I am looking forward to, and why am I in this field, in the first place. She then aligned it with the way she positioned my presence, which brought about a coherence.

I am impressed by the logo that Brand My Style has created for me. In fact, everyone coming across it has appreciated it. There is some element in it that attracts people towards the brand. It was indeed a wow factor, something completely unexpected. Even the visiting cards that has been created, scales up my brand projection to a different level.

Aarti is someone who understands where you come from and makes sure that it is presented in a right and consistent manner. If you are looking to ensure what you stand for, Stands Out, go to Aarti Narang. She converts your essence into your presence!

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