Our Skill

CEO Brand Identity, Brand Storytelling, UX Website Design, Strategy, Art Direction,
Creative Illustrations, Social Media Makeover & Digital Transformation

The Entrepreneur

A Visionary Serial Entrepreneur, with laser-focus on Integrity, Innovation, and Leadership, Nitin Munot is the Managing Director of Technocrats Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The Dare to Us Was:

Showcase the humble and inspiring journey of the CEO

Preserve his personal story, growth, and success

Build an emotional connect with his audience

The Person He Is

On inquisiting and identifying the brand values, attributes and style we got to know Mr. Munot at a deeper level. His Boldness, Courage, and Dynamic Leadership is depicted in his CEO Brand Logo. A red, black, and grey color palette further polished the professional, classic, and corporate look.

Open-Minded & Empowering

Nitin’s core belief is to never devalue his competitors and focus on his own business rather than on their weaknesses.

Faith-Giver & Trust-Builder

Since the inception of the company, Nitin has worked towards establishing a successful trust factor with clients by delivering on time and best quality services.

Dynamic & Innovative

When it comes to Nitin, people always expect something new. He has always been complimented for being innovative, reliable, and a task completer.

The Making of the Website

A well-structured timeline with personalised illustrations was designed to highlight key significant events of his life. Each page is a reflection of his personality. We worked towards recreating his dependable offline image on the digital platform.

Story-Showing with Personalised Illustrations

His inspiring journey could not just be told, it had to be shown. The highlight of this engagement was sharing his story through well thought concepts, artwork, and personalised illustrations.

Creating an Impact

Better credibility and authenticity

Enhanced online reputation management

Stronger influence, authority, and wider reach

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