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Mehernosh – The W3 Coach

Mehernosh Randeria, India’s First and Only W3 Coach, a mentor, trainer, and speaker, is passionate about helping people acquire a well-balanced life in the area of wealth, wisdom, and wellness.

The Areas of Focus

Our brand discovery session revealed Mehernosh’s simple and unassuming attitude and how he has touched upon innumerable lives. The need of the hour was to take his work to a next level.

It was important for him to:

Get noticed as a diversified yet specialized subject-matter authority

Disrupt the old perception and project a new refined image

Showcase his off-line persona and enhance credibility

Brand Communication Strategies for W3 Coach

The Brand Identity was conceptualized around the philosophy of Wealth, Wisdom and Wellness (Tan, Man, Dhan). The Logo design was inspired by the Trinity themed – Triskelion Celtic Symbol.

‘M’ represents Mehernosh which means Love and Friendship

‘W’ reinforces the 3 dimensions – Wealth, Wisdom, and Wellness

The Heart – an element derived from the meaning of Mehernosh

The loop denotes bonding and friendship

Decoding His Persona

The right typography was carefully chosen. An apt colour palette was cherry-picked to reflect his personality.

Online Presence

Once his business expectations were mapped, we strategized for a structured website that clearly highlighted each of his services. With our meticulous art direction, we made it interesting and visually appealing.

Online-Offline Integration

From personalizing his visiting cards to creating the presentation deck, one-pager and business proposals, everything was given a refined new touch. With the right words and design in place, his social media handles too got a complete makeover.

The Impact

Already a master in his domain, our branding gave the much needed accelerated jumpstart.

It helped:

Increase his personal influence and brand awareness.

Project his personal as well as professional differentiators.

To be recognized by the right audience locally as well as globally.

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