I chose to work with Brand My Style because I loved their website and I felt a “soul-connect” with Aarti. Intuitively, I felt Brand My Style will bring out “Bloom” to Bloom. The result of working with them was extraordinary and it was 100 times beyond my expectations. Their contribution to Bloom is ‘Priceless’.

- Payal Irani

Our Approach

Brand Identity + Content Strategy + UX Web Design + Marketing Collaterals Design + Book Cover Design + Social Media Makeover

Bloom – A centre for Excellence in Education, Training, Development, and Research. Bloom presents Signature Workshops from handpicked speakers to bring in growth and transformation for all.

A Vibrant Color Palette and Contemporary Typefaces

Customized Active Illustrations

Integrating Touchpoints

Book Cover Design

The Book Cover Design was done in a record of 5 days.

The Hidden Message:

Communicating the Purpose

Active, eye-catchy, and engaging Illustrations communicate what truly makes ‘Bloom’ bloom. The bright and warm colors portrays the vibrancy of the brand and touches a chord with all age groups.

Outcome Exceeded Expectations

The brand’s vision of appealing to and attracting a global audience was achieved. The brand magnetism aided the client to attract the best experts and speakers to be a part of knowledge-sharing platform. The strategies supported their mission and helped them to earn the reputation of being an Impact Maker and Catalyst for Positive Change.

The Other Success Stories

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