Brand Audit Framework

Discover 5 proven strategies to bridge the gap between your current brand perception and your desired brand projection.

I am so happy to see you here. Welcome to our virtual office.

Wanna know about me? Let’s start with that. I’m passionate about developing distinctive and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make you shine by delicately branding your style, your uniqueness, your strengths, and representing a strong brand YOU.

Authentic and strategic styling will make you distinctive and push the competition away from your spotlight. When you are more appealing and trustworthing to you target audience, you attract more business, results, and success.

Do a Brand Audit. Get to know where your Brand stands.

Here’s my gift to you. Apply these 5 strategies to know where your brand stands today. Use the ideas and techniques provided to make your brand truly memorable.

    Kind Words

    I recommend her if you are truly serious about branding yourself

    Brand My Style designed my website. And since then I have been referring them to all who have asked me who made my website. Aarti puts in her expertise when she designs the website. She invests so much of time to understand the client persona and the objective. She is not a website designer, she is a brand strategist. She guides on how we can brand ourselves. I loved every moment of my discussions with her. She made my website an extension of who I am.

    Pritha Dubey
    International Sales Trainer | Gender & Diversity Advisor

    I appreciate her commitment to understand the client and their values in depth

    I love the way she brainstorms and ensures that the outcome matches the personality of the person, their thoughts and motto. Be it logo creation, photo shoot , designing, she brings out the uniqueness very well. She is very good with articulation and delivery. No leader is great without an amazing team backing them. Appreciate the effort and thought that her team brings to the table.

    Radhika Balakrishnan
    C-Suite Coach

    She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of branding

    Aarti is an expert at branding. She understands bearing overall and CEO and personal branding process and demonstrates the many ways in which this affects the company in financial terms such as performance, profit, and stock returns as well as non-financial terms like reputation, trust, and firm strategy. She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of branding. She crafts her design and strategy around the attributes of each client, that enhances the value for them. Her expertise at her craft is considerable, she devices efficient solutions. I highly recommend her.

    Bhavna Shah
    Regional Head MPOC India

    Thank you dear Aarti for you and your team for the heart work you put in

    Aarti is well-versed in her area of brand strategy. She understands the vocabulary and ethos of the healing work and the space of energetic vibrations. And when she brings this understanding and expertise to the techniques of brand image building, it's a great outcome. The whole process of rebuilding my website was systematic, structured and seamless. Compliments for the whole layout and impression it has created is great to receive. And now social media presence is being created with the same verve and clarity.

    Preeta Pradhan
    Life Coach| Personal Growth | Emotional Resilience & Wellness | Self-Care | Energy Wisdom

    She creates a great client experience by patiently listening to understand their expectations and supporting them throughout the project

    I worked closely with Aarti, when she was working on Reflexion's website. The first thing that I experienced was the ease of working with her. She takes initiative on client's behalf, and offers more than one solutions to choose from. She demonstrates high accountability, builds trust and above all gets things done, with a smile. She can tell the story that you always wanted to tell. I wish her great success.

    Suva Chattopadhyay
    Partner, Reflexion l Executive Coach & Leadership Development Consultant

    Her ability to probe and get to the depth of my brand promise gave me clarity and right projection

    Aarti Narang is an epitome of professionalism, creativity and results. She has a unique style of branding your style like no one does. Her uniqueness lies in the deep sense of involvement, strong methods and processes with a focused approach. She is also blessed with a habit of over committing and over performing. I highly recommend her to those who love themselves and value quality. You can trust her 100% for the results which will surely exceed your expectations.

    Brigadier Sushil Bhasin
    Military Inspired Leadership and Time Consciousness Coach |Global Keynote and TEDx Speaker

    Their way of work is unique and absolutely professional

    I had previously met a number of brand strategists and website designers but I was looking for a certain acumen in our potential digital partner. After meeting Aarti, we were sure that we found our digital partner. The way she showed us the 'big picture' and narrated our 'brand storyline', me and my other partners of CorpelServe were quite impressed. She, along with her team then worked on to build a 'worldclass' website. Her inputs and understanding of the client's business journey was unparalleled and therefore it helped us in a variety of areas while building the digital presence of our brand. Big Thumbs to Aarti!!

    Rohan Moktali
    India HR, Market Entry & Culture Expert

    Aarti is excellent in what she does

    I had the privilege of listening and working with her and I only have good words to say because the experience I had is of world class quality. I highly recommend Aarti to anyone who wishes to engage her services in her field of expertise so you may experience what I had with her. She is a superstar!

    Rowena Aggabao
    INTA Member/LLB/Juris Doctor/ Managing Partner

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    Brand Identity (Logo) + Brand Communication (Online & Offline) + Brand Strategy + Content Creation + Website Design & Development + International Brand Presence + Social Media Management

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