November 5, 2018

An Irresistible Personal Brand LinkedIn Profile in 5 Steps

I was waiting at a client’s office when my phone started vibrating. A call from one of my old clients in the B2B business! “Hey Aarti, you must be wondering why I called up out of the blue! Well, had to tell you this –- I got a US business inquiry just because of the killer LinkedIn profile you’d created for me using the perfect keywords”.

My mind rushed back to his past request, ‘Aarti, build a personal brand for me’.

He continued, “They searched by the service words and found me extremely professional online.”

How I was thrilled to hear that! After all, my intention and effort paid off to get him unexpected success results.

It was just a small investment in getting the right LinkedIn profile that got a massive business deal for this person who did only domestic business. Think about it!

Here are the statistics. People are engaging with content 15 times more than job search.

LinkedIn is no more confined to being a job search site. LinkedIn itself is a world of information exchange, a channel to stay ahead of others, and a doorway to new opportunities.

It’s the perfect platform for you to showcase yourself as a credible personal brand.

In today’s highly digital world, even before you meet someone, remember you have been searched online and you’ve already made your first impression.

That’s enough reason for you to create an irresistible Personal Brand LinkedIn profile.

If you’ve not done it yet, keep reading as I share with you the 5 steps in order to crack your profile into something extremely attractive.

Add a Photo and Background Image

Like all other social media handles, using a picture attracts 10 times more viewers and connection requests.

Upload a photo in your professional attire and make sure you are alone in the shot. Remember it could be your first impression on your client!

Your profile picture should clearly reflect your work type and vary from other company specializations.

Use a background cover image that reflects the story of your brand. There are various sites to choose a perfect image from. You can even hire a graphic designer to design one that is able to convey your best brand story. 

Headline and Summary

Create a short but precise headline for your profile, which will indicate who you are and allow clients to know what you are looking for.

Most recruiters search candidates based on keywords. So choose your keywords carefully and add them to the headline, which provides a space of 120 characters. Never forget to mention at least one keyword often used in your industry.

Besides, anyone who finds your heading engaging will be attracted to read your entire profile.

Your summary is another section where you can highlight the most important aspects of your career. These 2000 characters should revolve around what you can get to the table rather than what you want to do.

You can include three to four short paragraphs along with a few bullet points in your summary, showcasing your key strengths and experience. Don’t be afraid to use a language which is slightly promotional, unlike the one you use in your resume.

Detail Your Work Experience

Make sure to include all of your past work experiences. Your profile is viewed much more when you have more than one experience.

Add examples of your work and make sure to add who you’ve worked with. This increases your credibility and is helpful for clients in choosing your profile over others.

For a greater impact, you can share your accomplishments and professional journey by sharing videos, presentations, pictures, or other links.

Skills are Important

Showcase your uniqueness by being specific about your skills so that your connections can endorse you.

Giving out endorsements is just one more building block in creating a powerful profile.

To conclude, build your LinkedIn profile such that it encompasses everything you are passionate about, your skills that can attract clients and reasons why people should connect with you. This sure will unlock various opportunities coming your way.

A LinkedIn profile has unlimited potential to connect you with other brands in your niche, and thereby grow your leads. So taking advantage of it can help you expand your personal brand.

If you are looking for an even simpler way to create an irresistible Personal Brand LinkedIn profile that can help you in building your own personal brand. Email us at for our services! 


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As a Personal Brand Strategist and Stylist, I partner with Entrepreneurs and Professionals with at least 5 years’ experience, wishing to become more visible to their target clients; who want to attract premium clients, want fewer hours worked, more money earned per hour, a less stressful and enjoyable business. I’m passionate about designing distinctive, authentic, and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make YOU shine by delicately Branding your Style, your uniqueness, and create a winning Brand YOU. Through creative content writing, aesthetic visuals, (logo and graphic elements), and sparkling digital presence, I help you project a powerful brand image.

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