October 21, 2018

 Do you want to Double Your Earnings?   

Don’t we want our passions to somehow toss in profits, rather than just give us satisfaction?.

Let’s be honest. We may be perusing a career that makes us happy and fulfills our passion but somewhere, aren’t we striving to make more money and have a comfortable and luxurious life?

So, why not start to double your earnings and do what you love to do?

Here are some sure shot steps that will bring guaranteed results for you.

1. Integrate your personal brand into every aspect of your business and life. By this, I mean standing by your brands’ beliefs and values; supporting your brand promise with excellent performance, and customer delight. Your personal brand shows the authentic you. Therefore, it’s all the more important that you stick to your beliefs and values consistently.

2. Specializing in one niche makes you a subject matter expert and an authority. Because often being good in everything leads to not being perfect in anything. Specialists are the adept ones who make the big bucks. If you’re a general dentist, you might make good money; however, the pedodontist is already giving you a competition just by specializing in the dentistry field. Lay stress on the area of your specialization. If you are yet to specialize in one, go for it!

3. Consistency in creating touch points. A very important aspect of business is the marketing and sales process – the outreach and communication should never stop. “You’re only as good as the people you know”. Connections certainly matter. Network and reach out to people as much as you can. That’s how businesses grow.

4. Getting noticed in the market plays a huge role in leading you to attract a lot of money. So don’t shy away from being noticed. Shy people notice everything but they do not get noticed. But that doesn’t work in a practical and competitive market. So take hold of your greatest abilities, know them and find a way to showcase your brilliance, which may have got covered or rusted. Branding plays an important role here. With a powerful, clear and professional brand messaging, you will be able to easily share what is best in you and make you memorable.

5.   Be distinctive and creative by doing things differently, things that you wouldn’t dare to do previously. Over time we tend to get used to the same ways of doing things or following what others do. But break the barriers and try out things differently. Venture into new areas. A little risk is necessary in order to succeed. You never know what opportunities are awaiting you unless you move out of your comfort zone. Be the trailblazer and let people urge to be like you!

6. A strong impression both online and offline is very crucial.  One may be extremely popular in the virtual world but may fail to demonstrate their achievements when it comes to meeting the client face to face. What happens then? The client is not happy with the services, which ultimately leads to a reduction in money flow.  Beware of this pitfall.

7. Raise the bar of your credibility consistently while being noticed for who you are. It’s your credibility alone that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. Being accessible, providing a reliable service or product, adding value to your client, and maintaining transparency in your dealings is important. If credibility is a bottleneck in your career, well, now you know what to work on!

Everything must synchronize and work harmoniously in order to showcase results. Your online presence, offline branding, marketing strategy, and internal perceptions should all be coherent in order to hold a strong position in the market.

So go out there and stand out of the crowd – show the real you!

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About Aarti Narang

As a Personal Brand Strategist and Stylist, I partner with Entrepreneurs and Professionals with at least 5 years’ experience, wishing to become more visible to their target clients; who want to attract premium clients, want fewer hours worked, more money earned per hour, a less stressful and enjoyable business. I’m passionate about designing distinctive, authentic, and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make YOU shine by delicately Branding your Style, your uniqueness, and create a winning Brand YOU. Through creative content writing, aesthetic visuals, (logo and graphic elements), and sparkling digital presence, I help you project a powerful brand image.

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