April 26, 2018

How to be a Powerful Personal Brand

Do you have a business where your income depends on you and your personality?
Want to know the insider secrets to attracting premium deals?
Let me unravel the code for you..

It is shaping perceptions about your brand. And how do you do that; by projecting authenticity, distinctiveness, and credibility of your work. And yes to top it all, sharing the value you bring to your clients.

With the right articulation, message, and showcase of your brand’s impact you can delight your prospective clients and create a memorable experience for them.

Let’s dive deeper into how this online reputation management is done.

1. Sharpen your Distinctiveness:

Decoding your brand personality, stating your values and beliefs, and polishing up the differentiators; helps in refining your uniqueness.

Use your photos that reflect your personality and style to make your website and brand more personal. Stand out from the crowd online.

The most visible brand experiences you can give are the unique benefits you deliver. It’s these distinctive results that define your uniqueness and provides you with a competitive edge. 

  • During our Brand Discovery session; the brand promise is always decoded. Elegance, Inspiration, and Knowledge were the results she gives and that’s her distinctiveness. Yes, we are talking about Benaisha Kharas. When you meet Benaisha, you will see that the brand promise she projects and promises is delivered with finesse.

2. Focus on the value you give:

Branding isn’t about your logo; it’s about your message – what you’re broadcasting to the world. Do your social media handles and your brand website match up with those values?

All the images and messages you put forth about your brand should reflect those values. This will enable the world to get a true reflection of who you are and client calls will start pouring in.

The deeper your understanding of values is seen, the better able you are to align all parts of your life consistent with your brand.

  • For example, the Starbucks motto is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, one neighbourhood at a time.” There are many things that Starbucks does with that in mind. They make donations to charity events/organizations, host donation drives, and treat their employees with a level of dignity that you don’t see very often in the food industry. They live up to their motto; they excel in their work and also with their relationships inside and outside Starbucks.

3. Showcase your website with Substance and Style:

Your brand website must consist of bold content to well-timed response strategies. Your social handles and website must showcase the tone, feeling, and culture of the brand.  

Consistent typography, use of brand colours, and even choice of words (including your tagline) will help in creating connect and recall. To be iconic and have a visual identification is a must to build powerful brand recall.

Every brand can and should create a unified aesthetic that wants the target audience to become a fanatic follower of your brand.

  • For example, your brand may be excellent in the offline platform and people who meet with you suggest your work to other clients. What do they do next? They search for you online. Being consistent in the way you project your online self is very important as it should portray a professional and authentic look. Why? Because it says a lot about who you are!

4. Include credibility enhancers:

Social proof like testimonials, case studies, and reviews is an indication that other people like and trust you. Besides boosting conversions, it will edge you to being more real, authentic, and trustworthy.

Listing brands and credible associations/relationships also speed up the decision-making process besides showcasing you as an expert and influencer.

Developing and mastering your expertise in a niche that you are naturally drawn to would certainly help raise the believability quotient.

  • Suppose you need a brand strategist to revamp your brand and give it that missing shine. Would you go to a newbie or would you want someone with results and credibility? Similarly, how would you showcase credentials? How do your prospective clients learn about your results? This is why big brands and credible associations are often used. And yes, reviews + testimonials + success stories also help in presenting results. And mind you, don’t fake these.

5. Create visibility and engagement:

As a more modern day approach, blogging is a new way for brands to not only exhibit their expertise but also generate great content that can be circulated online, increase visibility, and optimise search engines.

Upload new and creative content pieces regularly, but also promote them on your social media platforms to increase visibility.

Videos are usually the most common to go ‘viral,’ therefore try not only creating video content that is interesting and engaging, but get your brand attached to other videos.

  • The Dollar Shave Club is an apt example of a modern-day approach of how they created visibility and engagement in the online sphere by their authentic videos and wacky content.

Truth will never stop being the most powerful way to build trust.

Last but not the least, to build that unshakeable trust and win your clients’ confidence, ensure that “who you are virtually” is the “who you are in person”.

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