Agnelorajesh Athaide

Chairman, St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures

Highly recommend their strategies and methodologies

We live in a social media world with a powerful social media presence. But being on Facebook and Instagram is not enough. It matters how you carry yourself as an individual personality. Be it your visiting card, letterhead or how you present your profile on social media, everything together builds your image.

Interestingly, I came across Aarti Narang, a brand expert who can create your brand and project your personality not just accurately but in a much more presentable way. We connected almost four months back, and now I am happy to share that my personal website is ready - completely built by Aarti Narang and her team.

Starting from the photography, the imaging, language used, the script, the layout, the touchpoints to the presentation of the collection of videos I had is outstanding. I could never have come up with it on my own.

Many people have great content. But they don’t know how to present it to the world. That is what Aarti specializes in!

As per her recommendation, I have changed my visiting card, my personal website and all my profiles on social media. And it has made a whole world of difference to me! A lot of people have complimented me, many new people have connected and various business opportunities have come up. When people google me they love reading the information about me and my company and the way it has been presented.

Life is all about presentation but we can’t always do it on our own. We need to depend on extraordinary professionals and passionpreneurs like Aarti Narang. She has done magic to me and my company. I’m sure she can do magic to many others.

I highly recommend the strategies, policies and methodologies that Aarti Narang uses to change the way you present yourself to the world.

Benaisha Kharas

Image Enhancer, TEDx Speaker, Fashion Style Expert

Got an International Online Presence

Aarti Narang is someone who walks in her clients’ shoes and thinks of the best way to put the right foot forward for them. The reason I chose to work with Aarti was she came through the recommendation of Sushma Gaikwad whose word I completely trust. Also, when I met Aarti for the first time, intuitively I felt she was the right one. It was easy sharing and expressing myself with her. She is also very approachable and works with a single focus and that is her client’s best interest.

I loved the conceptualization of my website and the content done for me. Her flair for writing and words chosen to describe the various concepts has projected and showcased so much depth and substance for me.

The biggest benefit I received from her work was an international online presence. Because I chose to brand my style, I have more clarity on how to project my image to people across the world, the ones who I haven’t even met yet. Now, with the whole new look and feel, it made me think a lot about my next level up. I have raised my own bar and want to work and deliver better.

I would certainly want to recommend Brand My Style and I feel Aarti connects with the vision that the client has envisioned for themselves and that is what creates the Magic.

Brig Sushil Bhasin

Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Today’s times needs you to Stand Out and Be Different

Aarti Narang is an epitome of professionalism, creativity and results. She has a unique style of branding your style like no one does. Her uniqueness lies in the deep sense of involvement, strong methods and processes with a focused approach.

She is also blessed with a habit of over committing and over performing. I highly recommend her to those who love themselves and value quality. You can trust her 100% for the results which will surely exceed your expectations.

I initially thought someone who has seen me deliver sessions or knows me well would be the right person to write about me. But Aarti proved me wrong. She created remarkable and apt content for my website and perfectly decoded my brand personality.

Her ability to probe and get to the depth of my brand promise gave me clarity and right projection. The brand discovery session was the highlight of my engagement. This is a must do session for all aspiring to make it big.

Brand My Style gave me a credible online presence, a mini autobiography through the timeline which showcased my life’s journey and achievements. I also got rave reviews from my industry experts and my clients.

I certainly endorse Brand My Style, because just developing a website is passé, today's times require you to stand out and be different and that’s what Brand My Style does.

Sushma Gaikwad


Captured the Heart of my Business!

Aarti comes with a robust experience. She has worked with a variety of brands across different fields. Has the ability to understand market requirements and the WIFM factor.

The biggest benefit I received because of her services was my branding project got done with speed. She captured the heart of the business through her effective probing questions and enabled us to get a bird’s eye view of our business. She handheld us with the vision of our company branding. To handhold, somebody’s vision is a highly credible capability.

Extremely dedicated to the project, she ensured all deadlines are met. As Entrepreneurs, we are so busy working for clients, I come from a branding background and did not have the time to work on my own company branding. She got us working in speed with a lot of love and patience. Her ability to finishing the projects in a very beautiful, non-pushy, but easy, calm, and concise way is one her strong attributes. Has a great sense of applicability of concepts and deep understanding of media and its application.

Another unique attribute is her malleability to work across industries.  She has a deep desire to make an authentic difference. And no point we felt she was an external consultant but a part of the ICE GLOBAL team and a good friend for life.

I highly recommend her for her capability of personalization she brings. There are many entrepreneurs, startups, as well as mid businesses like us, who will benefit immensely from BRAND MY STYLE.

Rhema Jospeh

Arts Student at St. Xaviers College and Ex-Intern at Brand My Style

Her passion & dedication towards every project inspired me

I was scrolling through the various options for Internship when the feel of this company coaxed me into giving it a shot.

Being my first internship I didn’t know what to expect. However, working with Brand My Style helped me learn a lot of things - right from sharpening my social media skills to building my creative writing ability.

Aarti’s passion and dedication towards every project she took up inspired me to give in my best and learn in the process. She is easy-going, encouraging and taught me the processes involved in writing and branding.

The task that seemed tough initially grew easier under Aarti’s guidance. I learned time management and personally grew bolder and confident.

I would definitely recommend other interns and interested people to work with Brand My Style since it was an enriching experience for me - full of fun and learning.

Nilesh Chavan

Passion, Commitment and Dedication best defines her.

“She is prompt on the deliverables and keeps her commitments. Most importantly, she quickly understood the business model for my company Arhan Power Pvt Ltd and molded the entire branding to be in sync with my business needs. The Arhan branding has been appreciated by many of our stakeholders. Passion, commitment, and dedication best define her”.

As soon as, Aarti was told about the company name and its meaning, she got on to designing the logo. The logo shaped up incredibly beautiful. Her support to ARHAN was incredibly strong; one major incident I recollect was when we thought of launching ARHAN in World Electricals Buyers Summit SWITCH @ Vadodara. We weren’t ready with any stall design, displays, etc. I called her just 2 days before the inauguration of the exhibition. Her team quickly responded by designing a wall display which gave an excellent look to the entire stall.

I wish her all the very best in growing her business. May she create new benchmarks with Brand My Style.

Neha Arora Seth

Co-Founder, Global Wedding Academy by WIZCRAFT MIME

Never compromises on Creativity

When I met Aarti for the first time, she quizzed us with such meaningful questions that it led me into thinking, “Wow! What she speaks has so much gravitas and depth! She makes so much sense”. To understand our brand her questions were thoroughly appropriate. As she spoke to us further she could truly bring out our passion for our work.

I love her ‘can do’ attitude. She never says ‘no’ and finds a creative solution to every problem. She gets the work done with joy and speed. At the same time, she maintains a result-oriented approach and never compromises on creativity.

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