January 16, 2017

“Are you ready to ruin your reputation?”

“If you are not branding yourself, somebody else will”. Not paying attention to creating the right perception about your brand may tarnish your brand image, affect finances, negate business results, or postpone success..

Branding is not just a logo, graphics, or content. It is much more than that… It’s about evoking emotions, standing out, and creating results. A dedicated brand stylist will bring out the best for your brand, heighten the value, and create precise perceptions to enable your brand to be memorable.

3 indispensable qualities when hiring your Brand Stylist.


Brand Styling is an art and science. It is partly instinctive and partly psychological. A brand stylist takes complete ownership and captures the essence of your brand. Personalization and attentive probing will bring out The Why of your business. Once the real purpose of the brand is discovered, there will be Authenticity, Distinctiveness, and Uniqueness in action. In turn, you will attract premium business.


A brand stylist has a unique understanding of the buyer’s psychology. The entire branding experience is crafted keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. Working with a stylist who understands how your brand is currently perceived and knows how to project it, is a bonus. A Stylist should also have a great sense of different application of concepts and manage to work across industries.


Has your brand stylist superseded his/her customer’s expectations? Is there a WOW element at every interaction point of your brand? Has your brand stylist met deadlines? Was the journey joyful?  Was it a learning experience, too? Were the minute details taken care of? Was there any hand holding and implementation of your brand vision?

In conclusion, your brand stylist will not only be responsible for awesome brand design, focused communication, and visual imagery but also pay attention to the intrinsic, innate, and inherent vision of your brand.

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About Aarti Narang

As a Personal Brand Strategist and Stylist, I partner with Entrepreneurs and Professionals with at least 5 years’ experience, wishing to become more visible to their target clients; who want to attract premium clients, want fewer hours worked, more money earned per hour, a less stressful and enjoyable business. I’m passionate about designing distinctive, authentic, and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make YOU shine by delicately Branding your Style, your uniqueness, and create a winning Brand YOU. Through creative content writing, aesthetic visuals, (logo and graphic elements), and sparkling digital presence, I help you project a powerful brand image.

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