October 10, 2017

Convert your Passion into Profits with Branding

While sitting in the airport lounge, as I picked up a magazine, the words that I was reading seemed to hit on me, ‘Getting and keeping the cream of the crop’ and I pondered…. how important it is to pursue excellence in whatever we choose to do and shine brightly in work and in profits too.

I felt compelled to write my thoughts on it because I have seen a few CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals work intensely out of their passion yet make little money.

When a business depends on the Founder/CEO, it becomes even more important to take control of how other people perceive the Founder/CEO even before they come into direct contact. It’s here, where personal branding comes to play. 


Want to know how to convert your passion into massive profits using Personal Branding?

Come let’s dive into it more.

Let’s take a little detour and just see what personal branding does and how it is an absolute must to be distinctive in the market.


Be Original and Distinct

Be yourself, be the real deal and ultimately be YOU. That is the most important criteria in any business driven by the Personal Brand. Shine with your distinctiveness and showcase your brilliance. It will help you attract clients.

The heart of any successful personal branding lies in its authenticity. Along with it, is right packaging that too with finesse. Ensure the brand communication is purposeful and determined.  The outward-facing brand communication (that includes clothing, hair/makeup, and accessories) complements your inward-facing communication (offline and online presence).

 “You were born an original work of art. Stay original.”
Suzy Kassem


Trust is a Must

When my first-time clients call me after reading about my work on my website, they have already warmed up to me and I have always felt them to be comfortable and easy to work with.

Why does that happen? Because of the authentic social proofing. It creates TRUST even before we speak. In addition, the online aesthetics presence and the right brand messaging creates a WOW effect even before they speak with me.

Once you establish trust, live up to it and you have already won your trophy.

Specialize to command a Premium

In order to showcase that you’re different, create a specialization in an area of business that is valuable to your target audience. Build a credible expertise around it. Sharpen a laser-focus on that subject.

After all, don’t cardiologists get paid more than a general practitioner? Or artisan’s handcrafted jewellery commands more value than a regular machine-made one. In today’s times, data scientists are being hired in droves and commanding more premium over software engineers.

Emotionally Connect with your Target Audience

The key here is identifying and defining your target audience and emotionally connecting with them with your values, your beliefs, and your purpose.

Share the real YOU. Besides highlighting your success stories, delicately and deliberately share your failures also. Build a more human approach.

Use creative and compelling brand storytelling (it’s different from standard copywriting). Brand stories aren’t self-promotional. Instead, you’re indirectly selling your brand when you’re telling brand stories.


Craft your brand story and showcase your mission. Be distinctive. Radiate Brilliance.

 If that’s what you are looking to fine-tune. Take your next step. Click here.

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About Aarti Narang

As a Personal Brand Strategist and Stylist, I partner with Entrepreneurs and Professionals with at least 5 years’ experience, wishing to become more visible to their target clients; who want to attract premium clients, want fewer hours worked, more money earned per hour, a less stressful and enjoyable business. I’m passionate about designing distinctive, authentic, and brilliant personal brand stories. My job is to make YOU shine by delicately Branding your Style, your uniqueness, and create a winning Brand YOU. Through creative content writing, aesthetic visuals, (logo and graphic elements), and sparkling digital presence, I help you project a powerful brand image.

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