Our Approach

Brand Identity, Brand Experience, Storytelling, Strategy, Photography, Art Direction, UX Web Design,
Digital Transformation, Social Media Makeover

As a 360° Success Coach and Breakthrough Expert, she is determined to transform lives by enabling people to have a flourishing career, successful relationships, strong finances, and optimum health.

She Stands Out

Smitaa exudes an aura of strength and compassion at the same time. She is different from the crowd – a strong woman set out to make women stronger. The Brand Discovery session heightened her awareness of her brand differentiators and shaped her future brand projection.

Brand Identity Implementation

The coral red signifies passion that Smitaa truly embodies, blue symbolizes trust that is crucial in her work, and a black denotes the power she builds for her tribe. The typography was chosen to reflect the brand as being simple, down-to-earth, and always tuned in to the flow of life.

Twining the Online-Offline Persona

Smitaa’s online presence was strategized to reach out to her target audience in a more methodical way. Apt content, relevant photography, effective social media profiles, impactful multi-pager profile, and personalized business stationery was seamlessly integrated to achieve our goal.

Building an Emotional Connect

The highlight of Smitaa’s site is her special story. It ingeniously creates a resonance between her personal and professional life, making her approachable at the very first instant and builds credibility as to why she is so passionate about what she does.

Impacting with a Difference

Enabled her to connect with the right audience

Communicated her brand promise and message

Empowered her to redefine her internal marketing strategy

Projected her as an approachable coach and professional speaker

Increased visibility and brand awareness to attract premium deals

THE DETERMINED, HONEST, and EMPOWERING SMITAA NAIR is now changing the world, one lady at a time.

Meeting Smita Nair in person will make you feel you have already met her if you have visited her virtual world. One of the biggest wins on this project was in achieving complete synchronization to bridge her offline personality with the online one.

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